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isarian's Journal

Isarian Menoptra
Hi all! My name is Thomas, and I hail from the city if Waukesha, Wisconsin. We have tons of light pollution, a strong industrial base, a gorgeous downtown with the most twisted street layouts I've ever seen, and awesome people! There's a lot more here, but it would be difficult to list.

I keep busy with work as a Tech Support Engineer / Network Administrator at a software development company in Oconomowoc, WI. In December 2008 I graduated from MATC with an Associates Degree in Information Systems Security. I have found few ways to apply that to my job. My co-workers and boss occasionally drive me nuts but are still very intelligent and are great to work with, so I'm sticking around here to develop my skills further. I'm in my second programming class this semester, trying to take a stab at programming as a potential career development. If I do well, I will most likely transition from tech support to programming in my current job. I love local theater and music, but sadly those have taken a back seat to my education at this point.

My weekends are primarily spent with my amazing girlfriend, Mandy, who I met at the Bristol Renaissance Faire - an event which introduced me to a whole new world, a new set of friends, and to her. Her unique sense of humor, her smiling eyes, and the way we drive each other to improve ourselves are the biggest reasons why I'm crazy about her. The fact that we have great chemistry doesn't hurt either. As of September, we have been together for two years. I go to Chicago most weekends, and when she has days off of work she travels to Wisconsin with me.

I love to organize my spaces, and I prefer to keep my physical possessions to a minimum. I am extremely detail oriented, although this sometimes backfires on me. I'm still growing and changing - a lot.

In April 2009 I moved out of an apartment with some friends to a 2BR/1BA apartment in Waukesha with my friend Megan. My recent home search concluded in an offer on a condo on the north-west side of town, and I close on it 10/28/2009, moving to follow shortly. I'm pretty stoked, getting it for a great price and taking advantage of 10K in government grants AND the 8K tax credit.

And that's all for now.